The Highlight of the Week: Bettina Zumdick on Coronavirus

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Vladimir Ivanov

Hi everybody!

I’m Bettina from the Culinary Medicine School. I wish to make a short note on the coronavirus: there are many unsettled inquiries about this topic.

The virus itself is ultimately not really threatening. Only if your immune system is weak is it important to strengthen it or to be cautious and of course, I will be happy to give anybody specific recommendations on how to strengthen their immune system (and other weak areas of the body, such as the respiratory system). But generally, it is very important not to overeat, not to eat foods on either extreme of the spectrum of foods like sugars, alcohol, sodas, sweets on one side of the spectrum or extreme amount of animal foods, also chips, crackers, and other salty snacks are not so wonderful. Helpful foods, of course, are eating miso soup on a regular basis, eating whole grains, beans, eating plenty of vegetables especially leafy greens when short cooked they provide a lot of vitamin C (and antioxidants for detox) which is important for the immune system, the round, and root vegetables have strengthening and enduring effect also on our body. So, including plenty of vegetables, also pumpkin seeds are a great addition as they add zinc to our diet to boost the immune system and you know all whole foods generally are more strengthening (than processed foods).

I believe that the Coronavirus is an excuse to take measures of extreme control and these measures are to be introduced worldwide and the media, of course, is coordinating that in a manner of speaking. It is about intensive control on all levels trying to curtail our freedom of movement and assembly and unfortunately, the global economy will suffer and already is suffering severely as a result and there will be unnecessary hardship and fear. And, of course, people who are afraid are easily manipulated, are easily controlled. They are willingly accepting all arbitrary measures which may not be in the best interest of humanity. Therefore, I ask you not to be scared. It is certainly good and helpful if you take precautions and use your common sense but don’t let yourself go into fear. All will be well and again please contact me if you have any questions or would like specific recommendations for you to help you get through this time more elegantly and easily.

Take care and be well, bye-bye.

Bettina Zumdick is a teacher, counselor, humanitarian, and author who is integrating the modern knowledge of the West with the ancient wisdom from the East. With a strong background in Food Science, Dietetics and Nutrition from the Wilhelms University in Muenster, Germany she has been involved in sharing her knowledge about food as medicine – using foods to maintain good health and to heal oneself.  With over 30 years of experience in the field of holistic health, wellness, and macrobiotics she has helped many people to regain and retain their health and vibrancy.

One thought on “The Highlight of the Week: Bettina Zumdick on Coronavirus

  • March 6, 2021 at 1:41 am

    I agree the MB diet is more than sufficient for prevention and protection. I also agree that this pharma western medical initiative is about mind control. I am glad there are still a few of us who think so. However, what impact can we hope to make considering the enormity of the propaganda machine attempt or gov and corporations to control minds with fear and bodies with drugs? MB is a small population, maybe at most 5000 people and many of the teachers may cave into taking the vaccine. A non MB Jewish college colleague of mine terns it all “herd stupidity.” Yes that is rampant and that is the big problem – the loss of ability to think for one’s self. Victor Frankl spoke of the only control we have in a concentration camp is the ability to control our own thoughts. This is the tipping point where those who can and want to own their own minds stand up and those we don’t succumb.


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